An EPA-Sanctioned State-Based Carbon Tax Could Reduce Emissions and Improve State Finances

04/1/2014 by James Handley

EPA Could Sanction State Carbon Taxes To Reduce Emissions & Provide Revenue (Adele Morris, Brookings)

U.N. climate panel: Governments, businesses need to take action now against growing risks

03/31/2014 by James Handley

U.N. Climate Panel: Accelerating Warming Demands Immediate Action (Wash Post)

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Climate and Competitiveness

03/27/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Rising Energy Prices No Drag on German Industry, After All (Project Syndicate)

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

03/27/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Carbon Tax Repeal is 1 of 21 Reasons Aussie Enviro’s Are Steamed (BuzzFeed)

British Columbia Enacted The Most Significant Carbon Tax in the Western Hemisphere—What Happened Next Is It Worked

03/26/2014 by Charles Komanoff

BC carbon tax is “case study in smart climate policy” (Mother Jones)

US Coal Exports Erode All CO2 Savings from Shale Gas

03/25/2014 by Charles Komanoff

CO2 Savings from Shale Gas Cancelled by Rising U.S. Coal Exports (CO2 Scorecard)

Natural Gas Industry Using Crimean Crisis to Push Wishlist Through Congress

03/24/2014 by James Handley

Nat’l Gas Industry Using Crimean Crisis to Push Exports (Bill Moyers)

Abbott Government Fails First Attempt to Repeal Carbon Tax as Labour, Greens Outnumber Coalition Votes

03/24/2014 by James Handley

Labor + Greens Forestall Australian Carbon Tax Repeal (Int’l Business Times)

Mortgage Tax Breaks Trickle Up, New Study Shows

03/24/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Tax subsidies don’t increase home-ownership – they make Americans buy bigger homes (WSJ)

In Shift, Exxon Mobil to Report on Risks to Its Fossil Fuel Assets

03/21/2014 by James Handley

Shareholders Force Exxon to Include Climate Risk in Value of Fossil Fuel Assets (NYT)

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