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The Aliens Have Landed

04/2/2014 by Charles Komanoff

IPCC Report “Zooms Around Maginot Line of Denial” (Bittman, NYT)

From Putin, a Blessing in Disguise

03/19/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Friedman: Best Counter to Putin is Clean-Energy Carbon Tax (NYT)

Obama’s Pipeline

03/18/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Obama’s Pipeline (Rep. Raul Grijalva, NYT op-ed)

The Red Faces of the Solar Skeptics

03/10/2014 by Charles Komanoff

The Red Faces of the Solar Skeptics (NYT Economix blog

Why Putin Doesn’t Respect Us

03/5/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Friedman: To Damage Putin, Pass a Carbon Tax (NYT)

Coal Industry Report On Social Cost Of Carbon Relies On Climate Science Denial

02/7/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Shocker: Coal Industry’s Low Carbon Cost is Built on Wacko Climate Denialism (Desmog Blog)

NYT’s Kristof: Readers Want Climate Coverage

01/18/2014 by Charles Komanoff

NYT’s Kristof: Readers Want Climate Coverage (NYT)

60 Minutes Hit Job On Clean Energy Ignores The Facts

01/6/2014 by Charles Komanoff

60 Minutes’ Bizarro Hit Job on Clean-Tech Success (Joe Romm, Think Progress)


12/19/2013 by Charles Komanoff

Inside (E&E News)

The Year in Preview: The EPA Levels Up

12/16/2013 by Charles Komanoff

EPA Key to Climate Action in 2014 (American Prospect)