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The Social Cost of Carbon: How to Do the Math?

09/28/2012 by James Handley

Political Debate Overlooks High Hidden Cost of CO2 Pollution (NYT-Green)

Cold front gathers in US renewable energy

09/28/2012 by James Handley

Renewable Energy Remains Dependent on Uncertain Subsidies (Financial Times)

U.S. carbon tax could halve deficit in 10 years: report

09/27/2012 by James Handley

Report: CO2 Pollution Tax Could Cut Deficit in Half in 10 Yrs (Reuters)

New Groups Make A Conservative Argument On Climate Change

09/26/2012 by James Handley

Former Rep. Inglis: Tax Carbon Pollution, Let Free Market Respond (NPR)

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Carbon Tax: Deficit Reduction and Other Considerations

09/25/2012 by James Handley

Carbon Tax Would Have “Considerable Impact” on Budget Deficit (Congressional Research Service [pdf])

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U.S. Needs Climate Change Plan, Carbon Tax, Says Sachs

09/24/2012 by James Handley

US Needs Climate Plan, Carbon Tax, Says Jeffrey Sachs (Bloomberg)

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How would a carbon tax work? Let’s ask British Columbia.

09/20/2012 by James Handley

British Columbia Shows How Carbon Tax Works (Brad Plumer, Wonkblog – WaPo)

Ezra Klein’s Fiscal Cliff (Carbon Tax) Fantasy

09/17/2012 by Charles Komanoff

My Fiscal Cliff (Carbon Tax) Fantasy (Ezra Klein in WaPo)

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Felix Salmon Explains the Synergies between Fuel Taxes and MPG Standards

09/12/2012 by Charles Komanoff

Felix Salmon Corrects NYT’s Eduardo Porter and Explains Synergies between Fuel Taxes and MPG Standards (Reuters)

Taxes Show One Way to Save Fuel

09/12/2012 by James Handley

Fuel Taxes More Effective, Less Costly Than CAFE Stds (Eduardo Porter, NYT)