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Goldman Scandal Erodes Case For Cap and Trade

04/29/2010 by James Handley

Goldman Scandal Erodes Case For Cap & Trade (Rob’t Shapiro – Huff Post)

Time for a Do-Over on Clean Energy Legislation

04/29/2010 by James Handley

Time for a “Do-Over” on Climate (Erich Pica, FoE — Huff Post)

Senate Clilmate Bill Trio Headed in Different Directions

04/27/2010 by Daniel Rosenblum

Senate Clilmate Bill Trio Headed in Different Directions (NYT – ClimateWire)

A Big Favor From Lindsey Graham

04/26/2010 by James Handley

A Big Favor From Lindsey Graham (Joe Klein, Time)

Plan B: After KGL / Cap-Trade-Offset

04/26/2010 by James Handley

Earth Day weekend’s headlines set the stage: “Sen. Graham Walks Away from Climate and Energy Bill” and “Climate consensus collapses in Senate.”

Speaking at the Earth Day rally, Friends of the Earth President Erich Pica called for everyone to “use less stuff,” looked to a future beyond fossil fuels and urged Congress to “get serious” about climate.  In turn, Dr. Hansen pointed to our “false economy of cheap fossil fuels” and proposed a “People’s Climate Stewardship Act” — a steadily-rising carbon fee with revenue returned to Americans.  Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) spoke immediately following Dr. Hansen. Afterwards, Dr. Hansen and I congratulated Van Hollen for his “dividend” proposal to return carbon revenue to Americans.  Van Hollen thanked Dr. Hansen and agreed: a price on carbon is essential; a fee with revenue return is the “cleanest” way. He said, “I will work with you” and encouraged us to continue educating the public and pressing for bipartisan support.

Here’s Dr. Hansen’s report: Earth Day on the Mall.

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Tom Friedman falls for KGL

04/26/2010 by Charles Komanoff

Tom Friedman falls for KGL (NYT op-ed)

Lieberman encouraged by energy bill progress

04/25/2010 by Daniel Rosenblum

Lieberman ‘encouraged’ by energy bill progress (Wash Post)

Scientist James Hansen Proposes “People’s Climate Stewardship Act”: A Simple Carbon Fee with Revenue Returned to Americans

04/25/2010 by James Handley

“Our grandchildren will blame us if we destroy the remarkable planet that we inherited,” warned renowned climate scientist James Hansen today at the 40th anniversary celebration of Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, DC.  Dr. Hansen, awaiting the imminent birth of a grandchild (his 4th), is keenly aware of the threat that potential human-made climate chaos poses to her generation and all who will follow.

We live in a “false economy” of cheap fossil fuels whose prices don’t reflect their true costs to society, the environment and future generations.  “As long as coal is so cheap that low-carbon energy can’t compete, we will not make the transition to a clean-energy future,” Dr. Hansen said.

Dr. Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, spoke on this policy-related topic today as a private citizen.  He called on the public and lawmakers to reject the “smoke and mirrors” of energy bills now before Congress, which rely on “cap-and-trade” and “offsets.”  “We need a bill designed for the public, not for big banks and fossil-fuel companies,” Dr. Hansen said.

His proposal calls for a “simple, honest” carbon fee, collected from fossil-fuel companies upon the first sale at the mine, wellhead or port of entry.

The money collected via this fee would be distributed to the public as a monthly “dividend” or “green check.”  Distributing all of the revenue equitably to households will ensure that families can afford the energy they need during the transition to a clean energy future, and it should help win public support for a rising carbon fee.

Dr. Hansen’s proposal was produced after months of discussion with religious leaders, the Carbon Tax Center, Citizens Climate Lobby and the Price Carbon Campaign.  It incorporates key elements of bills proposed by Congressmen John Larson (D-Conn) and Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), whom Dr. Hansen calls on to join forces for the benefit of American people in building an effective, bipartisan “Climate Stewardship Act.”

Photo: Columbia University

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Climate consensus collapses in Senate

04/25/2010 by James Handley

Cap-trade-offset collapses in Senate (Boston Globe)

Sen. Graham walks away from climate and energy bill

04/24/2010 by Daniel Rosenblum

Sen. Graham walks away from climate and energy bill (Wash Post – Post Carbon)