The World Welcomes CTC!

Here’s a sampling of e-mails to [email protected] since our launch yesterday.

Keep those cards and letters coming. Even better, comment here, on this blog. Please also add a link to CTC on your Web site. Tell your friends and neighbors.

And feel free to donate. Already received: 6 contributions totaling $500. We’re thrilled and grateful.

— Dan and Charles

Great idea. I like your FAQs addressing the various issues. It’s about time someone did this! — (veteran energy policy analyst)

You can count on me to promote the idea whenever and wherever I get the chance because it’s the right way to go on this important issue. (economist, author, educator)

Nice work! Better late than…. But it may be too…. (longtime sustainability writer-activist)

This new clearinghouse for information on Carbon Tax is great. I’ll pass this on to the authors I am working with in environmental studies. (editor)

Site looks great! I think it will make a big impact. (a friend)

Dear global warming activists: great news below! Please forward this to your friends and lists, and spread the word. (climate activist)

Sounds intriguing. Please keep us in the loop. (CEO of an international environmental policy org.)

Good luck! I posted this on The Oil Drum. (eco-activist, Peak Oil-er)

My instinct has always been that imposing a tax on carbon is a better way to go than the cap-and-trade approach simply because it would force all actors to reduce their emissions no matter how efficient or inefficient they presently are and we need all the reductions we can get if we hope to arrest the worst case scenarios. (CEO of a grassroots enviro org)

The site looks good. Like the name of the newsletter vis a vis Al G. Signed up. Good luck! (family member)

Congratulations on your new carbon-tax group! I signed up for your email. I think the time is right for a c-tax. (author)

Good for you. The debate is needed. (founder of a major sustainability org.)

Your proposal, it seems to me, is the very sort of thing we need more of — and the very sort of thing that any number of well-heeled, self-styled “greens” would like to avoid (e.g., let’s stick a wind tower in Podunk and let’s drive our SUV out to take photos of it). (writer)

This is really a great contribution to the dialog. I especially like your assertion of how a CT is better than cap and trade. That really deserves its own slide show.  (Solar-photovoltaic and energy-efficiency entrepreneur)

Congratulations. This is a noble effort. (cycling and livable cities advocate)

Interesting, and even elegant site…I am freezing on behalf of the cause, etc. (writer)


Last modified: January 23, 2007