Allies on Taxing Carbon

Organizations That Have Raised Concerns About Cap-and-Trade with Offsets and Have Pointed to Simpler, More Direct CO2 Pricing Mechanisms

Mainstream Environmental Groups

These groups supported cap-and-trade with offsets when Congress considered climate legislation in 2007-2010.  After cap-and-trade’s third defeat in the Senate in 2010, we urge these influential groups to support more direct, transparent carbon-pricing mechanisms.

Information Sources on Climate and Policy

Presentations, Visuals, etc.


Shi-Ling Hsu (Law Prof, Economist) “The Case for a Carbon Tax” (Reviewed here.)

James Hansen (Climate Scientist), “Storms of My Grandchildren

William Nordhaus (Economist) “Question of Balance

Janet Milne (Law Professor),“The Reality of Carbon Taxes in the 21st Century

Lester Brown (A realistic path to a sustainable future), “Plan B 4.0

Thomas Sterner, (Economist, editor) Fuel Taxes and the Poor, The Distributional Effects of Gasoline Taxation and Their Implications for Climate Policy

Ian Parry, Ruud de Mootj, Michale Keen (Economists, editors) Fiscal Policy to Mitigate Climate Change (IMF, 2012)

Climate News Digests

Policy Journals & Papers

Noteworthy Blogs and Webpages

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Last updated: April 16, 2014