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Running Out of Time

04/22/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Time Running Out for Climate Action (NYT editorial)

Why a Climate Treaty or Carbon Tax Is Unlikely

04/22/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Earth Institute Honcho: Carbon Tax Won’t Happen (HuffPo)

Salvation Gets Cheap

04/18/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Krugman Upbeat on Wind & Solar Price Plunges (NYT)

Political Rifts Slow U.S. Effort on Climate Laws

04/15/2014 by James Handley

Tax Reform May Offer Opportunity For Carbon Tax (NYT)

Chile plans carbon tax for fossil based power generation

04/11/2014 by James Handley

Chile Plans Carbon Tax for Electricity Sector — Expected to Boost Geothermal (Think GeoEnergy)

Could taxes be the key to curbing climate change?

04/7/2014 by James Handley

Are Taxes Key to Curbing Climate Change? (Adele Morris, Christian Science Monitor)

Rough Forecasts by Elizabeth Kolbert April 14, 2014

04/7/2014 by James Handley

Science Is Unequivocal, Policy Is Obvious: Tax CO2 Pollution (E Kolbert, New Yorker)

An EPA-Sanctioned State-Based Carbon Tax Could Reduce Emissions and Improve State Finances

04/1/2014 by James Handley

EPA Could Sanction State Carbon Taxes To Reduce Emissions & Provide Revenue (Adele Morris, Brookings)

British Columbia Enacted The Most Significant Carbon Tax in the Western Hemisphere—What Happened Next Is It Worked

03/26/2014 by Charles Komanoff

BC carbon tax is “case study in smart climate policy” (Mother Jones)

Natural Gas Industry Using Crimean Crisis to Push Wishlist Through Congress

03/24/2014 by James Handley

Nat’l Gas Industry Using Crimean Crisis to Push Exports (Bill Moyers)