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Abbott Government Fails First Attempt to Repeal Carbon Tax as Labour, Greens Outnumber Coalition Votes

03/24/2014 by James Handley

Labor + Greens Forestall Australian Carbon Tax Repeal (Int’l Business Times)

Mortgage Tax Breaks Trickle Up, New Study Shows

03/24/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Tax subsidies don’t increase home-ownership – they make Americans buy bigger homes (WSJ)

In Shift, Exxon Mobil to Report on Risks to Its Fossil Fuel Assets

03/21/2014 by James Handley

Shareholders Force Exxon to Include Climate Risk in Value of Fossil Fuel Assets (NYT)

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The Audacity of Common Sense: Progressive Caucus’ ‘Better Off Budget’

03/21/2014 by James Handley

Progressive “Better Off Budget” Features Carbon Tax (San Diego Free Press)

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From Putin, a Blessing in Disguise

03/19/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Friedman: Best Counter to Putin is Clean-Energy Carbon Tax (NYT)

U.K. Freezes CO2 Tax in $12 Billion Plan to Cut Power Cost

03/19/2014 by Charles Komanoff

U.K. Cuts 40% Off 2020 Carbon Floor Price (WaPo)

Massive offshore wind farm in Outer Moray Firth approved

03/19/2014 by Charles Komanoff

World’s 3rd Largest Wind Farm Cleared For Scottish Coast (BBC)

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Nate Silver’s New Science Writer Ignores The Data On Climate Science

03/19/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Criticism Mounts Over Stat Guru Silver’s Alliance with “Confusionist” Pielke (Climate Progress)

Scientists Sound Alarm on Climate

03/18/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Ozone-Hole Scientist’s New Challenge: Climate Suasion (NYT)

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Obama’s Pipeline

03/18/2014 by Charles Komanoff

Obama’s Pipeline (Rep. Raul Grijalva, NYT op-ed)