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Study offers a climate-change clock

10/11/2013 by James Handley

Climate “Tipping Points” Expected Within 7 Yrs In Tropics, By 2047 in DC (Wash Post)

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Coping with high oil prices

09/3/2013 by Charles Komanoff

How $100/bbl oil has changed U.S. production and consumption (Econobrowser)

Kyoto Plus 14 (Years): A Telling Graphic on Compliance or Violation

11/28/2011 by Charles Komanoff

Kyoto Plus 14 (Years): A Telling Graphic on Compliance or Violation (WaPo)

NASA Research Finds 2010 Tied for Warmest Year on Record

01/16/2011 by James Handley

2010 Tied For Warmest Year on Record (NASA)

The Wealthy Will Pay More

08/5/2007 by Nick


The pie charts for electricity, jet fuel, etc. are similar, meaning that carbon
taxing can be made "income-progressive" via pro rata revenue distribution.

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A “Starter” Carbon Tax Shift

08/5/2007 by Nick


CTC’s proposed national carbon tax, $37 per ton of carbon ramped up each year for at
least 10 years, would reduce emissions by almost 4% annually — more than 30% by 2017.

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100-year Carbon from Fossil Fuels

08/5/2007 by Nick


Because CO2 stays “resident” in the atmosphere for at least a century, the U.S.
is responsible for more than 3x as much active greenhouse gas as China.

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Carbon Tax Proportions

08/5/2007 by Nick


Because coal has the highest carbon content per Btu, it is
taxed at the heaviest rate under a straight carbon tax.

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Americans Emit in a Day What Other Emit in a Workweek

08/5/2007 by Nick


Even with the emergence of China as an economic powerhouse,
emissions by the average American dwarf those by most others.

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