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New Zealand proposes curbs on type of U.N. offsets

09/30/2011 by James Handley

New Zealand Proposes Banning HFC-23, N2O Offsets (Reuters)

Cap and trade wins California Supreme Court ruling

09/29/2011 by James Handley

Cap & Trade Wins Calif. Supreme Ct Ruling (SF Chronicle)

Leaked World Bank report confirms carbon market collapse

09/29/2011 by James Handley

Leaked World Bank Report Confirms Carbon Market Collapse (REDD-Monitor)

Emotions raw at Nebraska hearings on Keystone XL pipeline

09/28/2011 by James Handley

Emotions Raw at Nebraska Hearings on Keystone Pipeline (Edmonton Jn’l)

Amid Paeans to Energy Efficiency, the World Is Getting Less Efficient

09/28/2011 by James Handley

Worldwatch Study:  Efficiency is Falling With Lower Fuel Prices (TIME)

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Bottom Line on Climate Change

09/28/2011 by James Handley

Scientist Hansen & Economist Ackerman: Fuel Prices Omit Mounting Global Warming Costs (Epoch Times)

New Boom Reshapes Oil World, Rocks North Dakota

09/27/2011 by James Handley

New Boom Reshapes Oil World, Rocks North Dakota (NPR)

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EU gives airlines 85 percent free CO2 permits in 2012

09/27/2011 by James Handley

EU Gives Airlines 85% Free CO2 Permits in 2012 (Reuters)

How GOP should engage climate science

09/26/2011 by James Handley

GOP: Embrace Climate Science, Price Fossil Fuels Honestly and Let Markets Work (Bob Inglis-USA Today)

Carbon pricing scheme is long overdue

09/25/2011 by James Handley

Carbon Pricing Is Long Overdue (Toronto Star)